Spragga Benz Latest Release ‘Vaccinated’, Was Met With Disapproval From Health Minister

Spragga Benz - Télécharger et écouter les albums.Spragga Benz, whose upcoming single Vaccinated was met with disapproval from Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton, says he’s not encouraging anyone to refuse the jab.

“My main reason for doing the song is to bring out the truth. They have been telling us over and over that the vaccine is 100 per cent safe and this is not the case, based on my research,” he told the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

“When I was a child and took vaccine, for say measles, we were not expected to have measles again. Many professionals in the medical field have doubts about the vaccine. And, here in Jamaica, as in other places we have been made to believe that once we vaccinate, we are cured. Not so, we were later told we still have to wear mask, sanitise, and keep out distance. Not to take the vaccine is my personal choice,” he continued.

Spragga Benz remains a giant amongst his peers | Toronto Caribbean NewspaperYesterday, the song caught the attention of Minister Tufton, who said, “it flies in the face of the science and unfortunately discourages the most important response to the virus threat.”

Approximately 20 per cent of the Jamaican population have been vaccinated against COVID-19. On Tuesday the country recorded 1,714 new case of COVID-19, while the death toll stands at 2,506.

SPRAGGA BENZ TO APPEAR IN NEW MOVIE "SECOND CHANCE' - ZIP103FMVaccinated, recorded early October 2021 by Cassette Jones whose, is yet to be released.

Spragga Benz, given name Carton Grant, was born in Kingston. He came to prominence with Girls Hooray in the early 90s . Other songs include Turn Me On and Could A Deal.

Source: Spragga clears air

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