Both Stefflon Don And Jada Kingdom Claim’s Victory In Their Clash, Steff Drops   ‘Champion’ Freestyle To Finish The Job

Stefflon Don claim victory after Jada Kingdom gets lukewarm reception for her latest effort “Accept Dat”

Jamaican-British dancehall artiste Stefflon Don has declared herself a winner in the clash with Jada Kingdom after the latter’s latest diss track was deemed a flop by many, including her own fans.

Jada Kingdom’s “Accept Dat” has not brought the effect many thought it would as she called out Stefflon for having liposuction and leasing her new Rolls Royce Cullinan, amid rumors it was bought by Burna Boy. Fans felt like the bars in the song were weak as they focused on Stefflon’s lifestyle, called her a “big back,” and Jada defended that she was born at Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica.

On Instagram, Kingdom said she was doing the song for fun. “Geeze mi jus upload it pon YouTube cz yu all nah guh stop. Neva mek nuh fancy cover art suh hush,” Jada wrote on Instagram.

Stefflon Don Apparently Calls Jada Kingdom "whoring gyal" Amidst Burna Boy  Dating Rumours - YARDHYPEJada Kingdom also reposted a video by fans in New York where Foota Hype asked about who was winning the clash. Stefflon Don did not get as many claps as Jada, who received resounding approval from fans in attendance at the event.

“I [love] NY,” she responded to the Instagram Story.

Stefflon Don, however, is celebrating that she won the clash as she dropped her freestyle “Champion.”

“A suh mi bad like that, tun gyal inna ghost so she can’t come back/ walk with it like we have a licensed strap/ think proud and loud mi nuh hide and chat… everybody knows you’re a slut you’re a joke, I don’t care how many quotes you post you’re not woke b***h,” Stefflon rapped in her latest freestyle.

In the comments, she told fans,” Thank you for fighting for me, Dons. I fkn Love you all!!!”

Stefflon has earned her stripes, with many new fans complimenting her lyrical abilities.

“Love you more!!!! You gained new fans a yaad no cap.. your intelligence in this clash was palpable Well DON Queen,” one fan said. Another added, “For the newbies, she been dropped this but y’all love to jump on wagons and that’s fine…. But Steff been a bod gyal without the passa.”

Stefflon Don & Jada Kingdom Drama Erupts with Diss Tracks 'Dat A Dat' &  'London Bed' [Listen] - That Grape Juice“Me tyurrd fe tell unnuh stop play play with us born n raised heritage female Don eno… we nuh narmal. And we cyaaa done!!” another said. “No comparison Stefflondon on a whole different level. Like honestly I stopped listening to Jada it’s no comparison. They are both good but Jada not on Stefflondon level a REAL WOMAN would honestly give Stefflondon her props That would show classy vibes and nuff respect entertainment at its best Stefflondon,” another fan said.

Jada Kingdom also earned her stripes in the lyrical clash despite her latest diss track “Accept Dat” getting a lukewarm reception from dancehall fans who have been following the clash. Some folks in the dancehall space are giving the two women credit for their lyrical prowess and efficiency in recording the diss tracks.

Source: Stefflon Don Takes Victory Lap In Jada Kingdom Beef With ‘Champion’ Freestyle – Urban Islandz

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