Dancehall Reacts To Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger Murder

News of Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger murder has been spreading like wildfire and the dancehall community is reacting to the tragedy.

Dexter Pottinger was a well known fashion designer and music video director who has worked with local artists like Tifa and Ce’Cile. 3D was found in his home in Washington Gardens late Thursday evening stabbed to death. Police officers say he was killed at least a day prior to the discovery of his body which was in a state of decomposition.

Entertainers and local media personalities have been reacting to his death with outcry. “5 days ago we spoke, me stressing to get my daughters birthday things and you giving me people’s number to call to try and get it in,” Ce’Cile wrote on Instagram. “That’s who you were…are.. to me to many of us. This man has loved a treated a lot of women better than many men I know. tears are streaming down my face.. you who sat on the floor of a sail boat while other men took all the available seats while I stood..and you sat on the floor and gave me your lap and say sis.. come see your seat here. me or Tifa or anyone would call you and say we need a video tomorrow and you would get it done. You do not deserve this my friend. If only I knew.. if only I knew I would have come see you and tell you how much I love you and appreciate all you’ve been to me. People judge people and have no idea. The kind, caring, protective, wonderful soul that you were. And people will see.. this wicked person will see how much friend you have…and they will be brought to justice.”

“He has always been an influence in my style, and he has always been an influence in my life and the choices I have made up until this year,” Nikki Z said. “He will be missed by everyone in the fashion and entertainment industry.”

“Thank you for some of the best memories! Crazy inside jokes…laugh till wi bawl and belly cramp up…from we were teenagers competing to see who had the best extension on the dance floor to being signed to the same agency,” Yendi Phillipps said.

Source: Dancehall Reacts To Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger Murder

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