‘I’m Bold, Confident, Sexual And Very Much X-Rated’ – Ishawna Teases Again With ‘Pot of Gold’

Dancehall vixen Ishawna is back in customary form, dressed in revealing clothes, rolling around, writhing sexily and flicking her tongue at hopefully drooling viewers in her brand new music video ‘ Pot Of Gold’.

Costumed as a leprechaun, Little Red Riding Hood and Thumbelina, she flipped fairy-tale ideas into innuendo in the music video – while deejaying about her irresistible pull.

Despite rampant comments criticising Ishawna’s focus on her sexuality, she defends her lyrical content – asserting that she embodies the essence of dancehall music.

“I’m a dancehall artiste in every aspect of the term dancehall. I’m bold, confident, sexual and very much X-rated, so listen with caution. I’m known for doing explicit content but I don’t think my single Pot Of Gold is that explicit. I think people will always have an opinion so I don’t really dwell on that,” she told THE STAR.

Ishawna doesn’t shy away from straightforward, sexual content in her music. With the broadcasting regulations in place locally, quite a bit of her music is locked out of the radio space. But that is not a hindrance to the entrepreneurial artiste.

“Some of my songs don’t get played, but Jamaican radio isn’t the entire world. I have songs that are being played on radio stations in other countries that never get played here. There’s also the Internet, where you have little to no restrictions. So it’s not really a concern,” she said.


There is also her weekly event, Festive Tuesdays at Taboo Nightclub. “There’s my event as well as many other parties both locally and internationally where my songs are played consistently. Not to mention the fact that my fans find my music by any means necessary.”

Image result for Ishawna in concertIn addition to Festive Tuesdays, Ishawna has been pursuing another venture – her own brand, Legendary. Available are merchandise like ‘Legendary’ pendant necklaces, hoodies, T-shirts and hats. She revealed that the brand will release a ‘Festive Collection’ soon.

“We also have some items that I refer to as NIX NAX. These are some cute accessories and handbags that I sourced myself,” she shared.

Later this year, fans should expect a few more singles from Ishawna, “and a project is most definitely in the pipeline so stay tuned!”

Source: ‘I’m bold, confident, sexual and very much X-rated’ – Ishawna teases again with ‘Pot of Gold’ | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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