Stylo G Cooks Up ‘Dumpling’

Earlier this year, Stylo G had every child wearing a pair of clean sneakers feeling like they were stepping fresh off a private jet with the wildly popular release ‘ Touchdown’.

Co-signed via features by two of music’s biggest names, Nicki Minaj and Vybz Kartel, the United Kingdom-based artiste was set to soar to new heights, and he just might have.

Last month, Stylo G dropped follow-up single called Dumpling. Carrying the same swagger – calm, cool and collected vocals over a bumpin’ beat – Stylo G has got dancers up on their feet and posting smooth choreography on their Instagram accounts.

While his delivery is similar on both songs, Stylo G doesn’t ascribe what seems like continued success to following a particular formula.

And truly, this late summer release doesn’t come with the same celebrity support as Touchdown.

Image result for Stylo G in concert“Mi wouldn’t call it a formula. I would call it work ethic. It’s all about putting in that work and mastering your craft, and I been doing it for a while now. True me get the opportunity, mi nah go drop the catch! Me a guh mek sure me keep follow up and follow up – on every song. So it’s not the formula. It’s the work rate. When you put in the work, you end up with a good product,” he told THE STAR.

Evidence of this product’s quality is available on social media. As is now customary in the modern music space, dancers across the world have picked up the track and added their own physical flair to the music.

Before the song left the recording studio, Stylo G suspected this would happen.

“The first thing about making the beat is getting the groove. When we produced the beat first, we just did a dance. So we know once you hear dah beat yah, yah go dance to it. I put the vocals on it, and the dancers just take on to it. Mi happy dem love it,” he said.

Source: Stylo G cooks up ‘Dumpling’ | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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