Mixed Reviews About Sex Dolls… LA Lewis Looks To Buy One

Trending this week in the world wide space is the introduction of sex dolls on a wold wide scale, they also now on instagram, sexy and smart enough to hold a constructive conversation.Recently dancehall artiste Ce’Cile has expressed online that she was not fan of sex doll. Saying “OK, talk to me now. What this look like? No disrespect, but isn’t it exactly like the bodies we can purchase? So, if a man is OK with breast implants etc, should we be upset if they sleep with da sitten ya? Dear God, please remove any man from my life who would ever sleep with a non-human,”.

On the other hand popular producer Skatta Burrell joked about getting one of the penis-friendly toys, while LA Lewis was very serious on purchasing a doll. These silicone beauties now with human like features expected to cost over US$2,000 (J$249,601).

“Me like them, and me know bout them before dem become the talk in Jamaica. Me woulda use one, worse me hear say dem have likkle sense like real woman. Of course the real girls gonna feel better, but more time me nuh too waa mix up with human because dem like to get emotional more time or if me wife too tired fi sex, me can just draw fi di dolly inna di closet. I am definitely going to get one, and me nuh care weh nobody wah say,” he said.

Macka Diamond told THE WEEKEND STAR that she believes the sex doll will become very popular locally in the near future. “I believe nuff men a go use it, and it’s going to be very popular in threesomes,” she said.

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