LA Lewis Reportedly Arrested!

News reaching us is that popular Jamaican entertainer LA Lewis is currently behind bars with regards to allegedly stealing a car. Rumours circulating is that the all white wearing 7 star general is apart of a car theiefing ring, as a result he and several other persons were detained by the police.Recently La Lewis apologized to fellow entertainer Sizzla “I want to apologise to the Rastafarian community, if Sizzla feel say is a diss, mi apologise, because right now, my kids are involved, I never knew it would get violent till man ah pop off gun pon me on my way to August Town, and now wet up mi pickney dem inna car,” he said.

He said he made his comments within the realm of entertainment.

“Mi waan apologise and done with this thing. Mi only say those things because he was inciting violence against me at the stage show. But Sizzlaah tek this thing too serious now, me and him have the same lawyer so if him did have a problem, him shoulda call me. Mi go Rema, Jungle, and Tivoli and nobody nah diss me, Reverend Al Miller see me and say him no see anything wrong with it , so what is all this about then?” he asked.

He has released a new single called ‘Low Mi Mek Mi Live Mi Life’ on the Trillionaire Records label. It will be available on downloadable platforms such as Amazon, he said.

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