LA Lewis Speaks On Arrest, Threatens To Sue Jamaican Government

LA Lewis has threatened to take legal action against the police following his recent arrest.

The “Sobolious” deejay has threatened to take legal action against cops or the state following a recent incident which saw him arrested for a series of traffic offences.

According to the “Seven star General,” he was treated like a ‘common criminal’ and singled out by cops during the ordeal, and is demanding a public apology.

“I need a public apology or else I’m gonna be suing that police or the State” the deejay warned.

On Wednesday video footage of the enigmatic entertainer emerged on social media being handcuffed by cops along a section of the Hagley Park area in St Andrew.

The deejay was arrested after allegedly violating a number of traffic offenses, including failing to produce his driver’s license and obstructing traffic.

“If they can do someone like LA Lewis so, who is a prominent member of society, imagine a likkle normal member of society, what they would do,” the deejay questioned.

Image result for LA LewisLewis claims he was unfairly treated during the incident as cops left him handcuffed in the vehicle for an extended period in the boiling sun while still conducting their traffic duties.

“Dem make the bangles now damage up me hand and dem lock me up in the vehicle without AC, inna di boiling sun, while dem still a conduct dem traffic activities. When the Inspector saw me, I was sweating like a hog, hardly breathing, with the handcuff so tight. Right now, you can still see the bruises on my hand. I was treated like a common criminal, not even criminals should be treated that way,” he said.

Image result for LA Lewis policeThe deejay would go on to compare the parallels between his situation and a recent incident involving a Mercedes driver who was caught on video engaging in reckless driving but ended up getting off with a warning.

Lewis would go on to suggest conspiracies against him, claiming that he was targeted by cops due to recent criticisms of the Jamaican government and Chinese corruption.

Source: LA Lewis Speaks On Arrest, Threatens To Sue Jamaican Government – The Tropixs

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