Thugs Threaten LA Lewis – Armed Men Told Him To Stop Endorsing British Link Up Crew

Image result for dancehall artist LA LewisDancehall artiste/blogger LA Lewis said that although his life was threatened at gunpoint at an event on the weekend, he will continue to speak on topical issues regarding the British Link Up Family through his social media pages.

“I am not going to back down. I will not stop big up the British them or speak on burning issues, because if I should just stop talking, it would mean that Marcus Garvey’s fight for freedom of speech in vain. If I am to die today, my children will know that I died for what I believed in. I am fearful for my life in some way because a threat is serious, but I am not going to stop doing what I am doing it. This is no joke ting, because over 200 people were at the event and some of them saw what happened. Is a good ting mi believe inna the Almighty and mi never left mi guard ring,” he said.

Image result for dancehall artist LA LewisHis affiliation

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, the entertainer, given name Horace Lewis, said that he was threatened because of his affiliation with the British Link Up crew, whose leader Owen ‘Roy Fowl’ Clarke was killed in February.

“I was at an event between Richmond and Waltham Park vicinity when I was approached by two man, one of who pop out a gun and say: ‘LA Lewis, you see you, youth, mi wa you stop big up Oney British dem and all British cuz dem bwoy deh a pu##%%ole. Nuh big up none a dem round ya or else we a come look fi you’. Mi never did a go act like any Superman at the time, so mi did frighten, so mi just laugh and say: ‘Anything you say man’,” he said.

Following Clarke’s death, LA Lewis has had several viral discussions about the incident, and even interviewed one of the men who was seen dancing beside Clarke shortly before he was murdered.

Very serious

“I don’t know if they believe I am getting too close to the crime. Right now I take this thing very serious because there were others who was killed before Fada Fowl and Oney British,” he added.

On February 22, Clarke was a patron at a party when armed men travelling on a motorcycle opened fire hitting him several times. He was pronounced dead at hospital.

Another member, Alphanso ‘Oney British’ Harriott, was shot and killed on Mountain View Avenue in St Andrew last Friday night.

“A just mi and God alone a walk, and mi is not a man that can hide. Mi want the man dem cool off a the bag a killings. Roy Fowl and Oney British a did good people dem, and dem do a whole heap for a lot of persons, including myself, and I will continue to big them up,” he said.

LA Lewis emphasised that he was not taking the threat lightly and has since reported the matter to the Half-Way Tree police.

Source: Thugs threaten LA Lewis – Armed men told him to stop endorsing British Link Up crew | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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