Jada Kingdom Reacts To Fan’s Cries For More Music & Less Instagram Photos

Jada Kingdom MusicJada Kingdom has responded to her fans calls for more music and less photos on social media.

The Dancehall star is ready to deliver more content after she was recently called out by a male fan on Instagram over her lack of musical output.

Jada Kingdom was left feeling a little guilty as she was called out by the fan on Instagram who claims she needed to drop more music and ‘less photos.’

“We need more music and less pictures. Yes you are gorgeous but you are a Musician not an Instagram model. We need more musical material not photos. I music album not a photo album…. I love you but I’m just saying,” the fan commented.

The fan’s complaints did not go unheard by Jada Kingdom as she promptly responded saying “@kingsinatra1 This drape & jerk mi 😭 ok ok ok! DAMN.”

It seems the claims were the consensus of many Jada Kingdom’s supporters as several took to social media to echo the sentiments.

“This is the truth though 😩 I been playing “Banana” for too damn long 😭😭😭 need another one sis @jadakingdom at least you know we like your music,” one fan said, while another added “Afta the man nuh tell no lie , @jadakingdom studio yuh fi deh, yuh too bad. DM mi, lemme send u some beats, I got some 🔥🔥🔥”

The Dancehall star was also significantly praised by fans online for how she addressed the situation, choosing not to focus on the negative aspects of the comment.

“Others would focus solely on the negative part of the fan’s opinion but she didn’t n I appreciate that, very mature👊 @jadakingdom bt str8 facts doe she fkin pretty💯3d,” one fan said, while another hilariously joked “She more mature than Spice. Spice dark like midnight.”

Source: Jada Kingdom Reacts To Fan’s Cries For More Music & Less Instagram Photos – The Tropixs

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