Spice Blast Fake Friends After Personal Number Leak

Image result for spice dancehallSpice is putting fake friends on blast following her personal number being leaked online.

The Queen of Dancehall was livid earlier this week after the Digicel number she had been using for 10 years was exposed online. “Always inna mi bed when people trouble mi eeno. I swear a must sea side mi born,” Spice wrote. “See how mi have mi Digi (Digicel number) over 10 years and dah gyal yah give out mi number?.”

Spice is seemingly still in a bad mood as she recently posted a meme on Instagram saying, “I would break my back for the ones i love…. But how many would push the wheelchair for me after?.”

Image result for spice dancehall“If you want to know who’s real around you get sick one day and see who’ll stick around to make a cup of tea ☕️ it’s always the little things in life that matters to me #FuckFakeFuckers,” the Needle Eye deejay wrote under the post.

Source: Spice Blast Fake Friends After Personal Number Leak – The Tropixs

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