Lisa Hyper Emulates Left Eye In New Track

Lisa Hyper says her most recent single, ‘Lisa Lefteye’, is dedicated to late US rapper Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes.

Left eye, who was part of the R&B girl group TLC, died in a car accident in 2002 at age 30.

“People on a whole always tell me that I resemble Lisa Left eye and that our personalities are the same. They always talk about her boldness, her being misunderstood but still confident, and her being goofy when she ready, and they say I’m the same way,” Lisa Hyper said.

At the time of her death, Left eye was working on a documentary, The Last Days of Left Eye. Lisa Hyper said that she watched the documentary and was blown away.

“I was really amazed to know that somebody is there that has a similar personality as mine, and so, I came up with the song. Her death was a very tragic one, and watching her documentary made me realise that we really do have a lot in common. people misunderstood her like they misunderstand me,” Lisa Hyper said.

Explaining that the song is a tribute to the late Left Eye’s mastery of rap, Lisa Hyper said persons can expect to hear her deliver it in like manner to the late artiste.

“It is a tribute to her, not only because I resemble her and we have the same personality, but she was really a very talented entertainer. She inspired me in many ways, and so, I hope the song will do her talent some justice,” Lisa Hyper told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The local artiste said she is excited about the record, which was released on YouTube last week. She said that her long-term goal in music is to crossover into the international market.

“It is the first song off my cross over catalogue that I’m working on with Mark Henry and other producers,” she said.

“The catalogue will be me going out of the box because I like going beyond what people expect from me. The catalogue will show that I’m in a totally different lane right now. I’m getting a lot of calls from record labels who want to offer me distribution deals, and people are just curious about what’s gonna come next, so they’re listening and looking at the transformation and how I’m elevating,” Lisa Hyper told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Source: Lisa Hyper emulates Left Eye in new track | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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