Viral Video Of Beenie Man During His Childhood, Is Getting A Huge Reaction On Social Media



Beenie Man - News and MusicOld videos of Beenie Man deejaying have gone viral, with the artist’s talent shining through even as a teenager and dancehall acknowledging that he is now a crowned legend in the space.

On Tuesday, Beenie Man shared two videos of himself eloquently spitting over a mic. The video was originally shared by social media account author_wale, who shared a caption for the video, “creation sound with Papa San and a young Beenie Man. Support dancehall archives.”

Even as a young child, Beenie Man showed talent with his ability to deejay on the beat while maintaining his composure and breath control. Even though it’s highly unlikely that he understood the lyrics about dealing with women at that age, the young boy seemed immersed in the song.

Beenie Man Flashbacks To Rare Throwback Performance of Himself – Radio  DubplateIn the video, Papa San also seemed stunned by the youngster’s talent and made him pull up the track. On his Instagram Stories, Beenie Man seemed to relate to the lyrics he sang as a boy. “She gi me short breath,” he wrote on Instagram Stories.

The King of the Dancehall also shared the posts on his Instagram, where many reacted. “Fully bad from birth born fi this @kingbeenieman,” Kiprich wrote. Tony Matterhorn also said, “No sah this is the biggest throwback of all times in dancehall history.”

Demarco also posted a crown emoji and several fire emojis.

“Den sir wa u kno bout gal and short a breath at this age?? yuh bad no pot cover tho,” Stacious wrote while other artists like Tarrus Riley, I-Octane, Romain Virgo, and Yohan Blake all paid tribute with the crown emoji.

“Rasssssssssssssss,” Swizz Beatz added in a comment. “Den nuh long time di man a king,” Vershon wrote.

The first video received almost 40,000 likes in a matter of hours after being posted. In part two of his performance, many celebrated the artist’s growth over the years.

Beenie Man Blames Promoter After Being Expelled By Police From Stage -  DancehallMag“Bombo****t,” Popcaan wrote while Kemar Highcon gave the artist his flowers- “Legend”, he wrote.

Born Anthony Moses Davis in 1973, Beenie Man recorded his debut single, “Too Fancy”, with record producer Henry “Junjo” Lawes in 1981 when he was barely 8 years old.

He went on to work with Lawes and appeared on his 1983 album ‘Junjo Presents Two Big Sounds’ alongside established stars such as Dillinger, Fathead, and Ringo before going on to a successful solo career that continues to this day.

Beenie Man on Twitter: ""Why is Beenie Man still on the market ?" 😏👑" / TwitterWith almost 40 years of experience under his belt, Beenie Man continues to create music that is relevant and timeless. The artist has continually re-invented himself as he moved from an artist of the 90s to now making music for another young generation of dancehall fans.

Long celebrated as “King of the Dancehall” for his musical talent, Beenie Man’s consistency remains admirable as an artist who is in the history books as one of the greatest dancehall entertainers.

Source: Beenie Man Gets Fire Emojis On Video Of His Childhood Live Performance – Urban Islandz

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