I-Octane ‘Sorry’ Is the First Single From His Forthcoming Album “I Am Great”

I Octane - Sorry (official video) - YouTubeSORRY is the latest single from recording artiste I-Octane. It is the first from his forthcoming album, I Am Great.

“The reason why we release this off the album first is because this song is needed in these last days. Plus, I wanted to apologise for my wrongs before I move on to my next chapter in life,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

“I am far from perfect and in my life, I’ve hurt a lot of people. Being a celebrity puts you under the spotlight and, compared to others, if I do something that might be perceived as wrong, it’s under a telescope and goes viral on blogs and social media. So I guess if the disrespect is loud, then I wanted to make the apology louder. Using my craft, this is just my way of saying sorry to whom it may concern. Music has always been the soundtrack to my life,” the singjay added.

Produced by Troyton Music, Sorry was released on February 18. Meanwhile, the upcoming 15-track album will be debuted on March 18.

danechall – Radio DubplateI-Octane (given name Byomie Muir) is ecstatic about Sorry’s reception, so far.

Recently, for the second time in four months, I-Octane’s name was mentioned in the ongoing Klansman Trial. He has, however, declared his innocence.

Meanwhile, the singjay says the forthcoming album will be tackling multiple societal issues.

“This album, I Am Great, is totally different from my previous album Moods because the Moods album was more relationship-/female-oriented but I Am Great is more social commentary and self reflection,” I-Octane explained.

With the onslaught of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the entertainer added that his career took a hit. However, things are on the road to recovery.

I-Octane Distance Himself From Klansman Gangsters Questions Witness  Testimony - Urban Islandz“Well this pandemic set me back financially…There was some good to all that. I got to create more solid ideas, music, plus connect back with the universe and family,” he said.

I-Octane got his break more than a decade ago with his single Stab Vampire. He is also known for the songs Lose A Friend, Love You, Mama You Alone, Wine and Jiggle, and Puff It.

Source: I-Octane is Sorry

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