Dancehall Artist Rytikal Continues To Trend

Dancehall Deejay Rytikal Arrested, Charged For Possession Of Illegal Gun -  Urban IslandzIt has now been three weeks since young Dancehall artiste Rytikal from the Eastyde camp, has been trending at the number one spot on the YouTube music chart, with his very inspirational track entitled “Chosen”.

The amazing thing about this trending position that Rytikal finds himself in is that his song sits among other big hits such as ” Karen”, by Govana and “Emotions”, by Yaksta and Nation Boss and still has not dropped its guard at number 1.

The song produced by Dynasty Records/DJ Mac was done on the “My Letter to you” Riddim, and already has over 2.3 million views and steadily counting, since the track is very catchy and seems to resonate with people’s emotions at their core.

The fact that the song is a question, posed to Rytikal himself about if he is chosen, has been very impactful to the youths, as they know there is much truth to the young deejay’s words.

Rytikal the new 2020 Break-out Male Dancehall Artiste | yardhype.comJust recently Rytikal was arrested and later given bail for an illegal gun, for which many are claiming that the song was written hence one of the strong reasons why it had to top the trending list for so long.

Not only have fans received the song very well but other entertainers have too, as it can be seen in the comments under the song where female entertainers have shown their support to the St. Thomas native.

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