Mavado Addresses Shooting, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel Feud In New Song

Mavado and Bounty KillerMavado has addressed his feud with Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel in his new song.

Bounty Killer has been trashing Mavado on social media over the past few weeks. Grunggaddzilla has been very vocal about his love for Vybz Kartel and his disdain for the Gullyside singjay. For the most part, Vado has remained silent while watching the fiasco unfold. After all, he has bigger things to worry about like his son, who is currently in a juvenile detention center facing life in prison for murder.

Mavado’s team sent Urban Islandz a preview of his upcoming song called “Dancehall Prophecy” where he clap back at Bounty Killer and other haters which likely includes Vybz Kartel. Hate him or love, you have to admit that Mavado always bring some fire when it comes to songs like these.

“Bad mind bad mind bad mind, can’t stop me thing, them can’t win, ghetto youths shout it out pon every house top, me cyan stop me cyan drop, nuff a them want me heart stop,” Vado sings. Mavado also took a jab at his shooters who shot at him in Cassava Piece in June of this year. “Me cyan flop me cyan flop cyan stop, shot fire me cyan drop,” he sings.

The “Beat and Teach” singer also alluded to the many good things that he did for the dancehall genre amidst growing criticisms from Bounty Killer and others. “Rise man a rise and them want see me fall, look how much things man do for dancehall,” he sings.

Rather than engaging with Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel on social media, Mavado chose to go in the studio to offload whats on his chest. Vado and Killer relationship have been rocky for several years now since the shooting death of a close friend of the singer at Killer’s birthday party at a club in Kingston. Let’s hope these two dancehall giants can one day make peace.

Source: Mavado Addresses Shooting, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel Feud In New Song – Urban Islandz

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