Labba Labba Found Alive Iced Missing Rumors

Labba Labba was found alive and well.

The retired dancehall dancer has been located after over a week of reports that he has gone missing. Last weekend, LA Lewis posted a video of himself at Labba Labba home where he claimed that he is unable to locate the dancer. A video has now surfaced online showing Labba Labba in good spirit while dismissing LA Lewis claims. “Dem man deh a waste man,” he said in the clip.

Over the past week, Beenie Man name has been mentioned once again after rumors surfaced claiming that the dancer might’ve been killed for fingering him out in Bogle’s murder. The dancehall legend has maintained that he has nothing to do with Mr. Wacky’s killing.

Labba Labba has also issued an apology to Beenie Man and retracted what he said.

Source: Labba Labba Found Alive Iced Missing Rumors – Urban Islandz

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