George Nooks – Reggae Singer Believes He Is Poised For Even More Musical Success

The God is Standing By singer said that despite his legal troubles, his career has not been severely impacted as he is still able to do music. He also said that he has a plethora of bookings lined up. George Nooks released an album last month.

Get to know more about George Nooks and his evolution throughout his musical career in 5 Questions with George Nooks.

How has your legal issue affected your career?

The fans know who I am, and everything is good. They have reached out to me in all kind of ways to show me that they are here. But I have been advised not to speak too much about it by my lawyer … . I have bookings like you have never seen.

I have an album [which was] released on the 27th of August – For You – consisting of love songs, most of the tracks [are] written by me. I am telling you that this album is a must-get. I am getting rave reviews from all over the globe, I am just waiting to see how people react here about it. It is something big for me, I haven’t done a love-track album in years.

Why were you once called ‘Prince Mohamed’?

That name was given to me by Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson because they say I was too talented to go by one name, suh I should make people believe that I am two persons. So I deejay under ‘Prince Mohamed’, and I sing under ‘George Nooks’.

Nowadays, you don’t deejay that much. Why?

When yuh a deejay, the style always change, suh mi nuh really follow it up that much. But on certain shows, I have to draw for some of the big chunes.

You’ve sung a lot of gospel songs. Which one would you say is your most successful one?

God is Standing By. What I remember is that it spent a lot of time at number one. I got numerous awards for it all over the world, I cannot do a show and not do that song. As a singer, I have never seen another record hitting in the streets in the dancehall, in the Church, in school, and everywhere that you can think of. I used to sing that song at my school.

My grandmother, who I grew up with, when she was going out, said to me: ‘Yuh going let mi pass and don’t sing some gospel?’. And that’s when I went into the studio, and I did it. And as a matter of fact, it was two or three days after it was released that she died. I dedicate it to her.

Do you have a special gadget that you can’t do without?

First of all, when you live with God, yuh can’t leave God nuh weh … . Phone. Phone is a part of life nowadays, suh yuh affi mek sure say yuh have some money in yuh pocket.

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