STAR Of The Month: Munga Gives His Views On Social Responsibility

Image result for munga honorableThere is an unspoken pressure on recording artistes to portray themselves as leaders and role models to future generations.

On this, dancehall-reggae artiste Munga asked: “Role model to who? Is it a responsibility to be a role model?”

The question of trying times and the role of music in those times also point towards an artiste’s social responsibility.

Munga puts forward that an artiste’s social responsibility is as much as the next person’s, and that they are already fulfilling their roles by catering to the people with basic sounds and lyrics.

“People can’t give me as an artiste their social responsibilities to grow their children and make money at the same time,” he said. “My duty is to focus on mine and all artistes have their own social responsibilities.”

Speaking to philanthropy, he noted that is a personal choice of any artiste or person.

Image result for munga honorable“Not saying what they say in their music or deejay about is right, but giving a clear view as an artiste, if they are singing about what they know, then probably philanthropy is not what they know or was not in their background. For the most part, they were taught to survive,” he said.

The conversation segues into the type of songs being produced, and Munga believes the supply is all about the demand.

“If there was nobody listening to gun music or sex music, then nobody would be singing those types of music, so it all comes back to supply and demand,” Munga told THE STAR.

He says the current crop of recording artistes represent the time and space in which they were born and raised.

“Three quarter of the artistes of this generation are 90s or 2000s babies, so the music them born come to hear is of a different tune and beat like pop and hip-hop,” he said.

Humming the tune of Natural Mystic, he expressed that present-day music does not bear similarities to that of the greats like Bob Marley.

“So people will not hear music that sounds like his music, that’s not the tempo them live in,” he said.

Source: STAR of the Month: Munga gives his views on social responsibility | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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