Tifa Opens Up About Her Trial And New Music

Tifa the Jamaican Dancehall Star has been going through trying times in court with a former manager who wasn’t paying her any attention when nothing was happening for her, but decided to get back in her career when she started getting popular again.

Ja Party is one of her new songs that is doing well overseas and she spoke about wanting to be on the Billboard charts like Patra.

She spoke about the takeover of the dancehall genre by foreigners in a recent interview and how they no longer need to call Jamaicans to perform at their events. She also spoke of thinking about retirement as she has been in the music business for 12 years, but she decided to put out new songs as she tries to keep Jamaica in the dancehall music business. Even though she is spending more time in the US than what she spends in Jamaica.

She is trying to come to terms with the fact that so many foreigners are trying to be like Jamaicans and Jamaicans are fighting to be like them. She believes Jamaicans need to wake up and take another look at what they have, as Rihanna and other artistes are realizing that they can’t make hits without Jamaican flavor in it.

Tifa also spoke about social media and how persons use their insecurities to try to tear down others on these sites and persons need to be mentally strong to manage social media.

Source: Tifa opens up about her Trial and new Music | | yardhype.com

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