Barbee Sells Fitness Sexy – Artiste Branches Out Into Active Wear, Gives Up Drinking

One of the challenges that reggae/dancehall recording artiste Barbee has had to face is maintaining her weight and size.

Barbee says she was always one of the biggest females in the family and was introduced to the gym by her father, who got her membership to stay fit at an early age.

The entertainer is aware that numerous comments have been made about her body.

“People are always going to judge you and I am used to always being watched,” said Barbee, who maintains that her figure has not been surgically enhanced.

The artiste has been expanding the brand Barbee. It’s active wear season and she is pushing forward with her own sportswear/street wear line, Waist Game Tight, that will be sold online and throughout various malls in the United States.

“I have been working towards my goal by surrounding myself with persons in the field to offer practical advice, and now I am in the process of finalising deals with various stores,” she said.


Waist Game Tight manufactures the Barbee waist trainers which she says are made of high-tech material that allows the body to sweat more and inevitably burn more calories.

“The designs and colours are feminine and different. That is my brand but I also wanted to make a real competent tool that is stylish.”

She has been taking to social media to promote the brand for a few months, as well as posting videos of her in the gym.

“Recognition of my brand plays a big part, of course, but it can’t hurt to have a flawlessly toned body,” she said.

“Fitness has been more of a lifestyle,” she said, “but I still eat out a lot and love to cook.”

In addition to the waist trainers, Barbee will be offering workout plans and healthy meal ideas. Barbee said that she has stopped drinking alcoholic beverages as part of her decision to take the fitness lifestyle seriously.

Source: Barbee sells fitness sexy – Artiste branches out into active wear, gives up drinking | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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