Konshens Was A Shoes Salesman

Before he became one of Jamaica’s dancehall heartthrobs, Konshens was like any other trying young man, working odd jobs before finding his path to success.

The STAR of the Month said thathe worked in multiple industries, to include medicine and sales. That was before he began following his brother’s lead, tagging along to the studio with knapsacks stuffed with lyric-filled notebooks.

“Mi was a medical technologist. Mi used to test things test sample weh dem send from hospital and dem sumn deh. Whole heap ah work mi do man,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Before the success of Pon Di Corner, the first single by Konshens and his brother, Delus, under the group name Sojah, Konshens used to work at Azan’s Supercentre. When asked what he did there, the artiste said: “Nuh stand up side a one shelf or sumn man.”

Konshens also revealed that he used to work in shoe stores.

“I used to enjoy work in a shoes store, because you dun know it sharpen me up with the ladies weh come buy shoes. You know what fi tell dem, you know how fi treat dem, and you know how to get that sale. That was the only one I would say I enjoyed,” he said.

When asked which of those jobs he would still be doing if the music hadn’t worked out ,”None a dem! For sure,” he said.

“At the end of the day, dat pay deh was not sumn weh coulda hold, which led to nuff other work weh mi cyaa mention,” the This Means Money singer said.

Source: STAR of the Month: – Konshens was a shoes salesman | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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