“To Free Vybz Kartel Without Retrial”, Bounty Killer Thinks The ‘System’ Is “Too Ashamed And Embarrassed

Best Bounty Killer Songs: 30 Essential Dancehall Tracks From The Warlord -  DancehallMagWhile predicting that Vybz Kartel will eventually be freed from prison, Bounty Killer also contended that if the Any Weather deejay had lacked the financial means to take his case to the UK Privy Council, he would not be getting the justice he is seeking in his murder case.

On Wednesday, the Warlord took to Instagram, where he pointed out that while the State has the option of retrying or releasing Kartel, the possibility that the deejay and his co-accused, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Kahira Jones and Andre St John, will be freed without a re-trial was unlikely.

“Retrial pon speed dial plus bail with no denial God in the midst.  As a Jamaican citizen I’m not afraid to talk plus I don’t owe the tax man or obeah man.  If justice was properly served then the higher courts would not overturn the convictions, so it’s only two things can happen now is to schedule a retrial and grant them bail or let them go, point blank, period,” Bounty noted.

Bounty Killer Says Artists With Massive Entourages Appear Unprofessional,  Paranoid - DancehallMag“But we all know that they are too ashamed and embarrassed to make them walk free so imagine what a regular Jamaican would’ve to face,” he noted, adding later in the comments that: “all who’s money can’t take them to privy council dog nyam them supper?”

One commenter, in response to Bounty’s statements, noted that “vybz kartel don’t need no retrial. They need to free up the vybz kartel now. He already spend a lot of time in prison already” to which the Smoke The Herb singer replied: “They would die b4 just setting him walk free so although either ways he will be freed.  Time and God.  Trust the process.”

The Privy Council had quashed Kartel and his co-accused 2014 murder convictions for the 2011 killing of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, citing juror misconduct, and sent the case back to the Court of Appeal to determine whether or not the four men ought to be retried. The Court of Appeal concluded oral arguments on the matter on Tuesday and will deliver its decision by the end of July.

Bounty Killer Gets 'Cross, Angry and Miserable' at LGBT Group "Mi nah like  nuh ben up man!" While Talking U.S. Visa Issue - Watch Video - YARDHYPEBounty’s statements about the expensive nature of justice are similar to those made by former Prime Minister PJ Patterson in a reasoning session at the University of the West Indies Faculty of Law two weeks ago.

“One of the things we have to understand: poor people are denied the equality of Justice because Justice is costly.  If Vybz Kartel didn’t have the money, his case wouldn’t have gone to the Privy Council,” said Patterson, who is also a lawyer.

Patterson, however, argued further that Kartel’s case ought not to have gone to the Privy Council in the first place as there was judicial precedent from a similar case in which the Jamaican Court of Appeal had decided that “once there is any sign of contamination, you must dismiss the entire jury.”

“But his (Kartel’s) case should not have gone to the Privy Council if we had in place a system that records judgments of our own Court of Appeal because if it had somebody could have looked on those judgments…,” he had said.

Source: Bounty Killer Says The ‘System’ Is “Too Ashamed And Embarrassed” To Free Vybz Kartel Without Retrial – DancehallMag

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