Govana To Release His Sophomore Album Called Legacy

Govana's the gentle giant of dancehall - The FaceDancehall star Govana is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of his sophomore album, Legacy.

The multi-talented dancehall artiste, who is known for his captivating style and poignant lyrics, is set to drop the project on June 28.

Govana’s Legacy album reflects his journey from his humble beginnings as the artiste Deablo to his current status as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment business.

The 12-track album contains singles such as Dat Me Seh, featuring Skeng, Pull Over, featuring Jada Kingdom, and 4 Storey. Throughout this project, Govana pays homage to his roots and underscores his commitment to leaving a lasting legacy for his family and fans.

Watch Now: Explore the Chemistry Between Govana & Jada Kingdom in Their New  Song and Music Video 'Pull Over' - Madaroadhe artwork on the album cover, featuring Govana’s two sons, offers a glimpse into the more mature and introspective side of the artiste.

Under the expert guidance of executive producers Jordan McClure and David Hayle of Chimney Records, Govana collaborates with a team of esteemed producers such as Emanuel ‘Emudio’ Scheimer, Raheef Muzik Group, Curt ‘Crash Dummy’ White, Attomic Records, Hemton Music, and Daseca Productions to deliver a powerful collection of tracks that delve into his personal experiences, struggles, and aspirations.

Dancehall's Reigning Champ Govana Is 'Undefeated' In New Music Video: Watch  - DancehallMagKnown for his lyrical versatility and depth, Govana navigates across the various sub-genres of dancehall, showcasing his unique songwriting and artistry in each track.

Source: Govana to release Legacy project | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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