Shenseea And Spice Finally Talks About Their Past Feud

Shenseea & Spice Takes Judging Duties On 'Baddies Caribbean' Audition -  Urban IslandzQueen of the dancehall Spice and Dancehall’s princess Shenseea are addressing their differences on the Zeus’ Baddies Caribbean Edition Part 2 set to air today.

A teaser of the upcoming show was released on Sunday, showing Spice and Shenseea in a pleasant confrontation as they address allegations that they blocked and unfollowed each other on Instagram years ago, sparking a beef.

Baddies Caribbean Part 2 will see several well-known influencers from Jamaica and elsewhere appear in the show, with some snippets showing the women ready to go at each other. Spice and Shenseea are judges appearing on the show alongside Natalie Nunn and Bobby Lytes.

While many have criticized the show for allegedly helping to create a platform to distract the black community and reinforce negative stereotypes, others enjoy the entertainment value.

Spice and Shenseea

The appearance of Spice and Shenseea allowed the artists to dig down into their years-old beef, which sees their respective fan bases at odds with each other. However, both women handled the confrontation well as they questioned and answered each other with respect and denied escalating their rift.

Dancehall unity. #shenseea #spice posed together with #natalienunn at  Baddies Caribbean audition | InstagramIn the snippet, Spice and Shenseea begin by sharing that they respect each other, with Shenseea reminding Spice that she has always given her flowers.

Spice, however, questioned what Shenseea’s manager, Romeich Major, had against her, hinting that he was the cause of all of the confusion between them.

“What me and your manager have?” Spice said while Shenseea added, “Mi post you say you are the queen, always give you love.”

Spice also shares that she showed the same love to the “ShenYeng Anthem” singer. “Shenseea, the first time you inna one studio nuh me you see? Me nuh always ah show you love? So how all of a sudden you get up and unfollow me?” Spice asked.

Shenseea, however, denied that she had unfollowed Spice. “Mi nuh unfollow you. Jesas Christ Spice wicked eeh man! Ah so you stay,” Shenseea said.

Spice replies, “Ah so she stay,” hinting that Shensee was not being truthful.

Hip-hop artist Bobby Lytes also pops in the conversation, mentioning that both women have grown, and he’s asking for collaboration to squash their differences. Shenseea also alleges that Spice was the one who blocked her, and she was misled into thinking that Shenseea had unfollowed her.

“Spice weh you block me fa? Of course, it ago show say me unfollow you if you block me. It automatically ago unfollow you,” Shenseea said.

Spice, however, maintains that Shenseea was the one who blocked her. “Everybody inna dancehall knows how the story go,” she said while Shenseea asks, “which story?”

Spice and Shenseea’s falling out was mentioned by the “So Mi Like Artist”, who claimed that she had been reaching out to Shenseea for a collaboration, but her manager was blocking it. Spice made the allegations in June 2021.

While refusing to reply to Spice, Major claimed months later that no female artist wanted to collaborate with Shenseea because many viewed it as giving her a platform easily. At the same time, they took many years to establish themselves.

Spice Ask Shenseea Why Yuh Block Me - YouTubeShenseea has never publicly addressed her beef with Spice. However, she also acknowledged this in a Breakfast Club interview at the 1:22:00 mark, where she said she reached out to Spice several times. She also said she tried to work with other female artists but was unsuccessful.

Since then, Shenseea’s international career has taken off with her setting out as a hip hop artist.

Source: Shenseea and Spice Confronts Each Other Over Past Feud – Urban Islandz

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