Marion Hall Rebukes Spice And Shenseea’s Music, But Reveals Interest In A Collaboration With Shenseea

Breaking| Lady Saw W@rn§ Spice and Shenseea + Jada kingdom - YouTubeMinister Marion Hall, the woman who as Lady Saw pioneered slackness among females in the dancehall space, has delivered a stinging rebuke of Spice and Shenseea’s approach to music.

The ‘born-again’ Minister Hall, who is now a minister of the Gospel, said that she looks back at her own dancehall career with regret and wished she had made more lasting songs like those done by Bob Marley.

“I pray that I had sing [sic] some songs like those …. Those songs last,” the former queen of the dancehall-turned-preacher said in one of her online sermons.

Declaring that she is only trying to open the eyes of women who don’t known their worth, Marion Hall urged them to reflect on their content and to turn to God.

Shenseea Not Interested In Being "Queen Of Dancehall" - Urban IslandzMinister Hall professed her love for Shenseea, who she described as being “innocent and beautiful”. She said that the ShengYeng queen is “weak” and is “still nowhere” in the music industry, and needs to rely less on the raunchy material and performances.

“You have talent but you don’t have good writers. The writers ain’t writing the songs that you need. … People not giving you right songs,” Minister Hall said.

“And Spice, yuh stuck in the old way … yuh need flavour. … That is why you have to be stripping. That is why you have to be out there with your whole body out like that. True talent don’t need that.”

Throwback: Shenseea - The World Is Hers For The Taking - Buzzz Caribbean  Lifestyle MagazineMarion Hall, who was widely known for her raunchy stage appearances as Lady Saw, got baptised in 2015. In her stinging sermon, the minister of the Gospel admitted that she “didn’t do it right” during her time as a dancehall artiste.

“I saw the men degrading women and I decided to come through and I said ray, ray, ray,” added the retired dancehall artiste, whose song, If him lef, is an anthem for females.

She insisted that the “Lady Saw thing”, which involved inviting males on stage and engaging in naughty, sex-simulating performances, is played out and should not be encouraged.

Lady Saw warns Shenseea and Spice to turn to God | One876Entertainment.comMarion Hall, addressing unnamed female entertainers as “my sisters”, said that she was once “chief of you all” but bemoaned the low levels to which she said they have sunken. “Yuh really one down to the muck now. You at the bottom of the barrel. Yuh gone down to the dregs,” she said.

“I am praying that God will speak to these women as he did to me years ago,” said the minister, adding that “I am trying to lead you into righteousness because what you are doing, you have a one-way ticket to hell if you don’t turn”.

She said that if the women turn to God, he will give them all the attention they are now seeking.

“Yuh don’t have to tek off yuh baggy …and yuh still can wear shorts. It nuh affi short, short short,” Minister Hall said.

Source: Marion Hall rebukes Spice and Shenseea’s music | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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