Lady Ann Says ‘Lady Saw’ Started The Trend Of Filthiness In Dancehall, She Is To Blame

Veteran Lady Ann Blast Marion Hall aka Lady Saw||Defends  Spice|Shenseea|Jada#dancehall#artist - YouTubeLady Ann addresses Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw by first confirming that Lady Saw was indeed ‘one of the female giants in Dancehall’. She made bold declarations that Lady Saw first started the “nasty, filthiness in Dancehall” and every woman that came after Lady Saw only wanted to be like her.

Lady Ann told Minister Hall that if she is displeased with what is happening in Dancehall, she should address the issue better, considering the fact that she started the trend. Lady Ann refers to Lady Saw as a “Dancehall Hypocrite” for degrading women who are following her footsteps. She said that she and the others were setting a clean route when Lady Saw started a new and vulgar trend that Marion Hall is now condemning.

Lady Ann said that Lady Saw is to blame because she created the monster inside all the Dancehall female artistes today. Lady Ann asked Minister Hall why she was listening to Dancehall Music after referring to it as ‘devil’s music’ and the ‘devil’s playground’.

Lady Ann says 'Lady Saw' Started Nasty And Filthiness In Dancehall –  YARDHYPELady Ann made very strong accusations that many things had transpired to Lady Saw in Dancehall which forced her to leave the industry. These accusations included 10 men who had sexually assaulted Lady Saw when she was going home from Skateland where she performed an explicit song.

Lady Ann went Live Exposing Abuse at Tubby's Studio – YARDHYPELady Ann said that Lady Saw and the other Dancehall artiste are not real artiste, tagging them as actors who ‘skin out’, strip and bring men on stage to perform and entertain people. Listing Junie Ranks, Sister Charmaine, Nancy, Lady G, Sister Carol, Queen Ifrica, Tanya Stephens and herself as the true Dancehall artistes who didn’t have to strip to perform.

“Tan inna church, a yuh conscience mek yuh run in deh,” she said angrily.

Lady Ann stated that there were persons who fought her out of the industry. She stated that the only reason why Lady Saw got her break is because of her complexion and her vulgar behaviour.

Watch her full chat below.

Source: Lady Ann says ‘Lady Saw’ Started Nasty And Filthiness In Dancehall – YARDHYPE

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