Shenseea & Spice Shared Same Stage At Cardi B’s Birthday Party, That’s The Real Story From That Night

RT Shares Why Spice Rejected Shenseea Collaboration - The TropixsThe two dancehall divas appeared at Cardi B’s birthday party in Los Angeles on Monday. While it appears that Shenseea attended the dancehall-themed event as a guest, it seems Spice was a paid performer.

Spice performed a number of her hits like “So Mi Like It” and “Go Down Deh,” her hit collab with Shaggy and Sean Paul.

Spice shared several videos of herself dancing with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. In one video, Spice tells Megan that she “has the knees” as Megan wines down and bounces on the riddim. Megan, wearing a red wig and all red shorts and a matching top with boots, shows Spice why her knees are renowned. The Texas beauty did not back down from Spice’s challenge.

Spice Reflects On Meeting Cardi B For The First Time - The Tropixs“Let me see if Megan got the knees.”

Spice also shared a screenshot of Cardi’s birthday invitation in which she captions it “Booked”. No doubt Spice did not disappoint.

On the other hand, Shenseea shared photos of her outfit- a colorful sequined bodysuit with purple boots and a big poofy lime green overthrow.

Shenseea Reveals That Cardi B Could've Been Featured On "Blessed" - The  TropixsShenseea also posted a video showing her and Cardi B exchanging words and hugging for a few minutes. Elsewhere Shenseea can be seen enjoying the performances of Ding Dong, and she performed her hit single “Shen Yeng Anthem” as Cardi B sings along to the lines “nah fight over no man mi nuh eediat, if mi a tek yuh man mi a keep that.”

The two women have been the center of controversy as they battle for the title of ‘Queen of the Dancehall’. Sources told Urban Islandz that they didn’t exchanged any words at the event and consistently kept their distance from each other.

In Spice’s greeting to Cardi B, she asserts that no true dancehall party can be held without the Queen present- referring to herself.

“Happy Birthday @iamcardib you couldn’t have a Dancehall party without the Queen of Dancehall..your party was a bloodclaat Movie,” she said. “Thanks for hiring me to perform for you and yessss that’s right you handled this very professional and spend up you good good lump sum a money to fly in my entire crew #Booked skin out mi pump um,” Spice wrote on her Instagram.

Shenseea, on the other hand, has endorsed a fan page on Instagram, which also asserts that she is the “Queen of the dancehall,” as written on some of the captions of photos they reposted.

The women were on opposite sides of the stage at Cardi’s event. It’s unclear if they greeted each other, but publicly they are not known to have a relationship. However, while Spice has thrown references as “the one deh” to refer to Shenseea and her manager Romeich, Shenseea has never addressed the issues publicly, only once in the past saying that she doesn’t have collaborations with female artists locally because nobody wanted to collab with her.

Source: Shenseea & Spice Shared Same Stage At Cardi B’s Birthday Party Despite Beef – Urban Islandz

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