The Ladies From Likkle Miss Remix Salutes Nicki Minaj For Career Defining Collaboration

Dancehall artistes team up with Nicki Minaj for 'Likkle Miss' remix | Loop  JamaicaThere’s no doubt that Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest rappers in the game and so getting the opportunity to work with her is a dream come true. That’s how Lisa Mercedez feels about getting the chance to hop on Nicki’s remix of Skeng’s “Likkle Miss.”

She admitted that she was over the moon when Nicki Minaj contacted her via Instagram to ask her to be part of the project. The track “The Fine Nine Remix” was released earlier this week, October 3.

It features a list of strong Caribbean female acts, including Pamputtae, Dovey Magnum, Spice, soca artists Patrice Roberts and Destra Garcia, British rapper Lady Leshurr, who has roots from St. Kitts, and Bronx rapper London Hill who has Jamaican heritage.

Lisa Mercedez expressed her continued excitement about being part of the track to the Observer, and she also said that she felt it was a historic and powerful remix.

Nicki Minaj Takes To Stage In Angola In spite Of Human Rights Orgnizations  Plea - Tha Wire [VIDEO]For her, the track is about love and unity and the fact that it sheds light on some of the talented female artists in the region. Added to that she is sure it would help to prove to the naysayers that female artists can actually come together as one and create something memorable.

The “What A Night” singer also shared that she already sees an upsurge in work as she’s been very busy since the song’s release. That also includes doing interviews for the Jamaican native who currently resides in London.

Nicki Minaj at MTV VMAs 2022

“I just did a collaboration with Patra. She was the one who motivated me to do music when I was younger. I reached out to her and she gave me a verse on my song, which was produced by Jon FX. I also did a song with Daddy1,” she continued.

Lisa Mercedez began her career in 2014 and shared that she intends to start working with more Jamaican producers like Damage Musiq, TJ Records, and JonFX. She’s already had some big collaborations, including tracks like “Kitty Kat.”

Meanwhile, another rising female deejay, Dovey Magnum, not only admitted she was happy with the track but that it was a statement to her to stay true to herself. She made the comments while speaking with the Jamaica Star.

Look: Nicki Minaj takes world by storm, owns the stage on European tour -  The Sports DailyDovey Magnum said that she was getting tired of the constant criticism that she’s had to face in the genre and was happy that she was able to express herself on the track. In fact, she said she was close to changing up to try and better fit into what was expected of her.

“Dem nearly mek me feel fraid and stop doing music the way I love to do music. I nearly stopped being me. Girl deejay badness and sexiness. Me sing, me all go conscious with Prayer Me Use And Win and it never matter, and I am one of few artistes who when she performs, sounds like how she does on her songs. But you know what? Who need fi notice my talent, a notice my talent,” she added.

The “Bawl Out” artist believes that it is her tenacity that eventually brought her the chance to join the other well-known female acts on the track. She saw it as another big break in her career and was thankful to Nicki Minaj, who she believes is a big fan of her career.

She also said that she was happy she defended the original remix of the song, which was somewhat harshly criticized.

The “Harkive” singer also said that she firmly believes it is time for dancehall fans to stop fighting about what is doing good for the genre, which she believes is collaborating with others.

The music video for “Fine Nine” was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, October 6, and has already passed 500,000 views.

Source: Lisa Mercedez, Dovey Magnum Salutes Nicki Minaj For Career Defining Collab – Urban Islandz

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