Gully Bop Urges Jamaicans To Repent, He Is On A Mission For God

Entertainer Gully Bop assault case transferred to Drug Treatment Court |  News | Jamaica GleanerDancehall deejay Gully Bop is imploring people to repent and give their lives to God.

The artiste, who started the campaign a week ago via social media, says he’s merely delivering a message given to him by God.

“God talk to me everyday,” he told THE WEEKEND STAR. “God give me a message fi tell the people dem seh whole heap a dem a go guh down, but Him nah go siddung and watch dem a go down wid it. Him a go bring it down Himself. Some people fi go repent. To weh a gwaan yah now a better dem go pon God side cause dem a serve devil fi years so if dem serve God now a nuh nothing.”

He referred to the COVID-19 pandemic as a plague that signals the End Times. Gully Bop lost his younger brother to the virus and a sister to cancer, both this week.

While some may question if he is the right messenger for the task, Gully Bop used Jesus Christ as an example of how many people fail to receive the word of God because of their preoccupation with the messenger’s attributes.

Gully Bop - Street Wise (Official Music Video) | <a href=@GazaPriiinceEnt - YouTube" data-noaft="1" />“When Jesus did a walk the Earth dem laugh after Him and seh Him a magic man and beat Him and nail Him up,” he said. “If God a send somebody fi send Him message, God nah go send nuh uptown, rich man. Him a go send a likkle man weh people a go seh him mad because dem not going to believe the mad man but them will believe the jacket and tie man.”

While he wants to recruit followers for God, Gully Bop says he is not telling anyone to get baptised because of the misconception that such action “washes away” sins. He also described himself as a “church man” but said he stopped attending after witnessing far too many money-hungry pastors.

Gully Bop (Reggae Singer) - Age, Birthday, Bio, Facts, Family, Net Worth,  Height &amp; More | AllFamous.orgBeyond his ordained mission, Gully Bop is also encouraging people to take the COVID-19 vaccine. He says Jamaicans should not deem Prime Minister Andrew Holness as the enemy, as he did not create the virus.


“Weh di whole a dem fi do instead of have dem mind pon Andrew Holness, call pon God and ask God fi save dem,” he said. “Mi bredda, if him did go tek the vaccine and stop follow people, him wouldn’t dead. Mi a tell the people dem fi get vaccinated.”

But Gully Bop has no intentions of following his own advice.

“Me not going to vaccinate again because mi get vaccination from mi a pickney come up, two pon mi right shoulder and two pon the left shoulder,” he said. “The four a dem a hold me till now so dah vaccination yah weh a mek now a modern thing dat, mi nuh need that.” He said he maintains a healthy lifestyle by consuming homegrown foods and herbs from his garden.

Source: Gully Bop urges Jamaicans to repent – Artiste said that he is on a mission for God | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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