Alkaline Sends Message To Popcaan

Alkaline is looking to reignite his beef with Dancehall entertainer Popcaan.

On Saturday, the Vendetta deejay took to his Instagram story to upload a video highlighting his gritty “Microwave” diss track aimed at the Unruly Boss.

“Never forget! Behave unu self you hear?,” Alkaline said while laughing. He also wrote “DeadDemDead” over the video.

Popcaan and Alkaline have been beefing for years, their rivalry reached a boiling point in 2017 when Alkaline released a scathing diss track, “Microwave.” Popcaan never responded to that diss record, however he continued to take a few shots the “Badness It Name” deejay in a few other singles and also on social media.

Image result for popcaan in concertLast November Popcaan blasted an Alkaline supporter after he uploaded a photo on Instagram praising his new protege Quada. Popcaan shared that 2019 would be promising for the “Celebration” deejay however a Vendetta fan wasn’t here for it and left a negative comment.

“F**kry ya chat p***y,” an IG user named ‘Team Alkaline’ wrote. Popcaan hammered back with a few insults, “@teamalkaline a you a f**k battywash man? P***y unu done dead off already enuh battyman,” he wrote.

Source: Alkaline Sends Message To Popcaan | The Tropixs

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