Spice Says This Is Her Best Birthday Ever, Plus It Coincides With Jamaica’s 59th Anniversary

After a week’s delay, Spice’s highly anticipated debut album, TEN, drops on Jamaica’s Independence Day, August 6, which is coincidentally the dancehall star’s birthday.

Spice said this is “most definitely the best birthday so far.”

“Every year I celebrate big for my birthday and it’s always special since it’s also Jamaica’s Independence Day. But this year, it’s even more special because I have my album being released after 10 years. I have so many mixed emotions right now,” she said. “The date change was because it took us a long time to choose only 15 songs out of 40 that I recorded. But with the album being pushed back a week, it was only right it landed on my birthday making this the best birthday gift ever.”

Spice said that with the timing having worked out perfectly for the release of her first musical project, she wants the album to send a message that “delay is not denial”.

Never giving up

“One message I would send is that God may be ‘late’ but he’s sure. This album is a perfect example of believing in your dreams and never giving up. It took me 10 years to achieve this but I never stopped and I kept fighting. So I want people to know they should always stay consistent and keep working towards their goals even if it takes years. Delay is not denial,” she said.

Spice Returns To Jamaica - Dancehall Queen Gets Royal Treatment - The  TropixsSpice said that with her fan base having expanded exponentially, she wanted to ensure the project had a little bit of everything for everyone.

“People can expect me stepping outside the box. I made sure to do songs that different people can relate to. This album definitely shows diversity and it feels good to know you guys will finally get to hear it,” she said. TEN is being released by VP Records, with whom Spice has had a rocky relationship. She revealed that it was Grammy-winning colleague Shaggy who stepped in and helped to mend the fences.

“It really means a lot to have support from such a huge legend. I literally feel like I took all my problems off my shoulders and laid it on his. He’s my adviser and biggest motivator,” she said. “This project is long overdue and I’m so happy my besties will finally have an album from me.”

Source: Spice excited about ‘best birthday so far’ – Debut album coincides with Jamaica’s 59th anniversary of independence | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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