Chronixx Lambasted Some Artist, Says Some Artistes Lyrics As ‘Embarrassing’

Chronixx Drops "Cool As The Breeze/Friday" Visual Off 'Dela Splash' Album -  Urban IslandzReggae crooner Chronixx was in a no-nonsense mood recently as he lambasted some artistes, describing their actions and their music as “embarrassing”.

The Capture Land artiste was speaking on an Instagram Live session recently where he addressed this particular issue and challenged industry players to do better.

“So this is my call fi all the youth dem that benefit financially from Rastafari legacy, the Rastafari cultural wealth and cultural legacy, please do not embarrass yourselves any further, let us not embarrass oonuselves any further” he declared.

Chronixx says Koffee is inspiration for his new style | BuzzHe continued; listen the dancehall youth dem lyrics, stop embarrassing oonuself. All the man dem wid dreadlocks, all the woman dem wid dreadlocks stop embarrassing oonuselves before humanity and before God, before the Almighty, stop it because is a earthquake coming.”

Chronixx also chided black international artistes for the kind of music they’re putting out.”We will have 200 more George Floyd until Africa unite. How much march we go have before the rapper them stop embarrass themself, the singer dem stop embarrass themself and go pon tv and pretend like they are free and have any prospect for freedom,” he lamented.

Chronixx - – for your ears and eyesWith that being said, Chronixx is making it clear that he wants no parts with these “embarrassing” artistes, so they better not reach out to him for any features.

“All my brethren that close to me know mi no play, mi no deh pon no joke ting inno. Y’all need to stop link me for features, straight, you need to stop linking me for features and stop sending me joke embarrassing lyrics to be a part of, dun wid dat” related.

Source: Chronixx chides some artistes lyrics as ’embarrassing’ | Buzz

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