Spice Shares The Secret Of The Success Of ‘Go Down Deh’

Spice, Sean Paul, Shaggy - Go Down Deh (Music Video) | Reggae is World A  Reggae - Unifying people through Reggae MusicReggae is World A Reggae –  Unifying people through Reggae MusicDancehall star Spice is still basking in the success of her hit Go Down Deh. The track, which features dancehall heavyweights Sean Paul and Shaggy, has amassed twenty million views on YouTube since its release two months ago.

Spice took to social media where she thanked her fans for their continued support. “Besties thank you for 20 million real views, we stayed trending for 5 weeks and created history with this historic track. Dancehall Summer Anthem” she wrote on her Instagram.

The song is benefiting from far-reaching promotion. A dance challenge plus appearances on nationally syndicated shows such as Good Morning America and the Jimmy Kimmel Live programme has boosted the visibility of the track in the overseas market.

Shaggy, Sean Paul and Spice perform 'Go Down Deh'Go Down Deh is now expected to be the face of Spice’s upcoming album Ten which will be released on August 6. It is Spice’s first such effort under VP and is executively produced by Shaggy.

Source: Spice revels in ‘Go Down Deh’ success | Buzz

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