Agent Sasco Drops “Sasco Vs Assassin” Music Video

Agent Sasco (Assassin) - Sasco vs Assassin (Official Video) - YouTubeAgent Sasco aka Assassin drops the video for “Sasco vs Assassin.”

Towards the end of last month, one entertainer whom many classify as one of the most underrated lyricists of our generation decided to pay homage to his former self when he released the tale of his two musical personalities, Sasco vs Assassin. His close friends and family know him as Jeffrey Campbell, fans listening to his music since the early 2000s will know him as Assassin, and those who joined him along his transformation journey in the last decade will know Agent Sasco.

The deejay has decided to release the visuals for the lead track off the project, both eponymously titled.

The Jay Will director video gets mad props for trying to recreate the character of Assassin through baggy jeans, basketball jerseys, and fitted caps, which was the getup during the early 2000s. Still, the more things change, the more they remain the same, as Sasco continues to sport his fitted with more fitting threads to match the time.  The two characters duke it out in an abandoned building. A low hanging classic retro dynamic microphone is the only thing that separates the two characters. The video doesn’t have many moving parts, presumably keeping it simple so that most of the attention is placed on the lyrical components of the song.

Agent Sasco (Assassin)'s streamOne suggestion offered by a fan in the comment section below the Youtube upload was to have opposing crowds cheering on each character. Do you think that would have added a different dimension to the video?

Let us know below while checking out the brand new Agent Sasco release.

Source: Agent Sasco (Assassin) Drops “Sasco vs Assassin” Music Video – Urban Islandz

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