Makes Sense That Skip Marley Play’s His Grandfather In Upcoming Bob Marley Biopic

Skip Marley on Twitter: &quot;Generations 🦁 <a href=@bobmarley… &quot;" width="331" height="331" data-noaft="1" />In the aftermath of Paramount Pictures’ announcement that it is seeking an actor to play the role of Bob Marley, some Reggae fans are demanding that one of his children or grandchildren, preferably Skip Marley, assume the character of the late Reggae icon.

A few days ago, Paramount Viacom issued a casting call for a black/mixed race actor to star as Bob Marley in an upcoming feature film about the St. Ann native.  The film, which is to be directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green will focus on Marley’s life and career.

“A pioneer of reggae music and a Jamaican icon, we follow the Jamaican singer, songwriter, and musician’s life and career. He was a man full of fight, soul, and pride. He infused his music with a sense of spirituality and political activism, striving to leave a global impact as well as a personal one with the people he loved,” the casting call read.

Skip Marley Net Worth | Celebrity Net WorthIt also asked that interested persons submit a headshot, a full-length photo and a one to two-minute introductory video.   It also notes that the ability to sing and speak Patois would be “a plus”.

The executive producers of the film will be Marley’s widow Rita, his daughter Cedella and his eldest son Ziggy, who will produce the movie on behalf of Tuff Gong, the music label and studios which was established by Bob in 1970.

J&#39;can talent agency scouts &#39;Bob Marley&#39; for Paramount Pictures film | Loop  JamaicaOver on Jus’ Jah Magazine’s Instagram page where the advertisement was shared, Rastafarians were adamant that nobody, except someone from the Marley clan, would be suitable to play the role of the Gong.

@skipmarley him alone can properly portray Bob  man Fava him grand father bad and sound like him too,” donzik said of the Slow Down singer.

“Use Skip Marley, he looks like him and have some of Bob’s mannerisms,” dr.love_ii noted.

Another commenter kiahkills, said she would flatly reject the film if a member of the Marley clan was not chosen to play the character of the BBC’s Man of the Century.

“If one of his own children doesn’t play him we don’t want it! Who else could do him justice? No one!” then added: “I lied. Children or grandchildren. Cuz Skip Marley……”

“He has enough sons for this – who better than his own #authenticity,” tr3v23 declared.

Skip, who is the son of Bob’s daughter Cedella, is a player of the guitar, drum and piano.   The 25-year-old has received two Grammy Award nominations and an MTV Video Music Award nomination.

The Chained to the Rhythm singer was born in Kingston and raised in Miami, Florida.  In addition to being the grandson of Bob and Rita, he is also the grandnephew of another Reggae icon – Marcia Griffiths.

He made his debut as a singer in 2015, at age 18 with the single, Cry to Me, on the Tuff Gong International label.

Skip and Cedella Marley

In March, Deadline reported that “following a lengthy search, Paramount had appointed King Richard’s Reinaldo Marcus Green to direct its Bob Marley movie for the studio”.

The Deadline article also quoted Ziggy Marley as saying that the film would be paying homage to his father in a manner that has never been undertaken before. “I am very excited to be hands-on in working to dive deeper into sharing the legacy of who our father Bob Marley is,” Ziggy said.

“It’s an incredible responsibility that we take on with Reinaldo and the team at Paramount to tell the story of our father in a way that truly honors him and will also entertain, enlighten, uplift and inspire his fans and audiences around the world.  It’s like opening a window that has never been open before.”

Source: Rastas Call For Skip Marley To Play Bob Marley In Upcoming Biopic – DancehallMag

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