Fans Wondering If Romeich And Shenseea Still Good

Many Dancehall fans might have been wondering about the state of the relationship between Romeich, and Shenseea due to the female hiring a new manager. The situation intensified as a former member of the popular music camp, Teejay made a post concerning a person he referred to as “One gyal”, that was causing problems.

His post was thought to be connected to a post made by Romeich himself that questioned the loyalty of people he has been good to.

All of this made fans following the drama think that there was a falling out between the businessman and Shenseea, however, those rumours flipped right around today as the former manager of the “Blessed” singer posted several pictures on Instagram showing himself, Ding Dong, and the female songstress together.

In the caption of the post Romeich wrote “We good over this side!!!!!”, then went on to tag the entertainers.

So fans? Now you know the plain truth about what has been going on with Shenseea with Romeich showing the solid connection as well as the songstress confirming that she is not pregnant for Drake.

But will the fan curiosity stop? Based on her last song entitled “Run Run” music video, it looks like a no, since some have been saying that she joined the Illuminati, an alleged secret society that does things including blood sacrifices for leverage in life. All that is based on what people describe to be devil imagery in the visuals for her new track.

R&B/Hip-Hop Fresh Picks: Shenseea, Syd & Amaal | BillboardOn a different level what might have been going on is Romeich, taking the business to another level knowing that Shenseea’s career will only get bigger while enjoying his share of the cake.

The well-known businessman is also widely known to love what Jamaicans call “gimmicks”, frequently appearing on Dj Lava’s chat and laugh program with comedians.

He also brought Shenseea out on stage in a jerk pan for her latest performance in Miami.

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