Spice And Justin Budd Not An Item Anymore? Or A Publicity Stunts To Promote Her Upcoming Album ‘Ten’

Spice Explains Why She Went Public With Relationship with Justin Budd -  Urban IslandzSomething was noticeably absent from Spice’s Instagram page on Father’s Day (June 20)-a post wishing her boo, Justin Budd a happy Father’s Day.

This comes just days after the Queen of the Dancehall revealed that she was single on the Wendy Williams Show

Since the two made their relationship public in November last year, Budd appeared to be have settled quite nicely into his role as a father figure to Spice’s two kids. He often posts cute photos of his interactions with them, whether it’s helping them prepare for a quiz, or taking Spice’s daughter to the spa.

His affections towards her children has even led Spice to declare that she’s no longer a single mom.

Love & Hip Hop ATL: Spice & Her Boo Justin Budd Living Their Best Lives On  Mexican Baecation - Urban IslandzAnd less than a month ago, Spice was gushing over Budd’s daughter when she celebrated her 14th birthday. It looked like everything was all dandy between these two, but apparently, this wasn’t the case.

On Father’s Day, Spice posted no photos of Budd. Her only acknowledgement of the day was of a video her lying in bed with her two kids, with Happy Father’s Day written in the caption posted to her Instagram stories.

Budd, for his part seem to have wanted all of Instagram to know that he was spending the day alone.

He posted a series of Instagram stories of him shopping, and “treating himself”. He then posted a photo on his Instagram feed with this caption; “Enjoying this Beautiful day on Rodeo Drive. Guess I gotta show Myself some Father’s Day Love.”

But people aren’t buying what Spice and Budd are selling, and are convinced that this is just a another one of Spice’s publicity stunts to promote her upcoming album Ten. The album is slated to be released on July 30.

“Him and Grace a try trick the crowd, mi a give them until July 30th…. then mi will think other wise,” one fan commented.

“Wonder if a story line this?,” another asked.

“Remember they have to be smart in the business….you will soon see wron they have to pretend like they’re not together,” someone reasoned.

Spice Weekends In Panama City With Boyfriend Justin Budd – DancehallMagWe don’t know BUZZ Fam, but if this is some kind of publicity stunt, we’re judging.

Source: Spice and Justin Budd no longer together? | Buzz

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