Dancehall Artist Busy Signal Not Following Other Instagram Due To What He Calls Creative Reasons

Clear Your Mind' With Busy Signal's New Video: Watch – DancehallMagDancehall artiste Busy Signal joins the small list of celebrities like Beyoncé, Aidonia, and Alkaline who don’t follow accounts on Instagram.

As the multifaceted deejay explained in an online interview on Monday, it’s linked to safeguarding his creative space.

“If you continue that scrolling and following and going back and forth with everybody, it will pull you in,” he said. “It probably will take away from my creative energy and take away from what I do to get busy. I don’t wanna take away from myself. I don’t wanna cheat myself… So it’s not like I’m bigger, badder than anybody else or nothing but I don’t follow anyone on Instagram.”

He added that artistes who are too engrossed in the social media space are predisposed to following trends instead of constantly innovating.

“I don’t make my whole life depend on this thing. I was an artiste before social media. I was an artist before YouTube. I was an artiste before these things exist so yes, these things help me but I don’t overdo it,” he said.

Jamaican dancehall superstar Busy Signal shares a new video for '100%'  featuring Afro B“Some people, they on this thing everyday till they forget what they really do because they now follow people too much they become a follower. You don’t lead anymore, you don’t set trends anymore… You probably trying to do what everybody trying to do because you see that something is trending, something takes off on TikTok so ‘oh, I gotta make a song like that’.”

Busy to get busyUsing his latest release, Margarita, as example, he shared how “there’s nothing in the universe that sounds like that right now” because he’s not directly or indirectly influenced by the goings-on of cyberspace

“I was an artiste before social media. I was an artist before YouTube. I was an artiste before these things exist.”

— Busy Signal

As for those who need to reach him?

“If you’re a friend of Busy Signal you know how to find me… Whatever problems or troubles you’re in, if I could help I’m ready or whatever I’m in, if they could help they help me… My fans, they know where to get me at and I do my little Live stuff… The last time I did one of these was February or something like that.”

Busy Signal release the new video for single "Got To Tell You" | FrontView  MagazineNo online faux pas

While many of his peers have gotten into keypad wars and messy online drama, Busy said he’s never had such a blunder.

“In terms of me posting stuff and messing up? Nah, never, and that will never happen. Some people say, ‘Never say never’ – those are idiots. If you never say ‘never’ that means you’re not sure about what you’re doing. I could say never, that will never happen.”

Source: Busy Signal explains why he doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram | Buzz

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