DJ Lava Using Show To Give Back

DJ Lava Making Huge Moves with the Chat and Laugh Show - Vision NewspaperWhen the pandemic struck Jamaica last year, people had to find ways to keep themselves entertained at home.

Hoping to help ease the COVID fatigue, New York-based dancehall selector DJ Lava started the Instagram talk show, Chat and Laugh. But he said that despite being labelled as a ‘gossip show’, they have come to the assistance of many during the period.

“We highlight a lot of people plight over the year, and a whole heap a stars pass through the programme and pledge dem help. Mi can’t even find the words to describe weh me a feel. Mi give thanks for the support and, most importantly, the growth because although it started as a quarantine show, it is so much more than that now,” he said.

DJ Lava admitted that philanthropy was never on his mind when he started the show last April. He, however, revealed that helping people has become a crucial part of the mandate.

“Mi never born inna luxury. Mi born come see my mother and grandmother a work hard and a try provide fi we and still find time fi help people and so now mi inna a situation weh mi can help someone else, mi always ago dweet,” he said. “I never knew it woulda really reach so far and have such an impact on the people, but we a do dis from we heart, and a try look out for people. A lot of people come pan di show wid some form a sickness and need help, people come and ask fi appliances, kids get tablets and whatever the case may be, and we do our best to help.”

Music & Merch. | LinktreeLast week DJ Lava partnered with Romeich Entertainment to provide care packages to hundreds of needy Jamaicans. The two groups have joined forces before and DJ Lava said they will again.

“We do what we can do to give people an extra push in these times,” he said. To celebrate the show’s first anniversary, DJ Lava and the team will be hosting a party in Miami on April 25.

Source: DJ Lava using show to give back | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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