Spice and Her Dancer Dancehall Queen Danger Split

Spice and one of her dancers, Dancehall Queen Danger, have parted ways.

There have been chatters since last week on social media claiming that the two had a bitter falling out over some money issues. Danger has now confirmed the split but declined to speak on the details. “That’s correct (the break-up) but I don’t want to elaborate on it at this time,” the dancer said.

The rumors started circulating when Danger deleted all the photos of herself and Spice from her Instagram account. She was a prominent member of the dancehall deejay’s dancing crew which she regularly feature in her music videos and take on tour with her.

Outside of these controversies, Spice has been pushing her new dancehall hip hop crossover single “Duffle Bag.” She has been getting thumbs up from her fans and other dancehall artists like Bounty Killer for bringing something different and showing off her rap skills.

Source: Spice and Her Dancer Dancehall Queen Danger Split – DancehallHipHop

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