Bounty Foundation Donates Tablets To Seaview Gardens Primary School

The Bounty Foundation led by dancehall artiste Bounty Killer and his manager Paul Giscombe has continued its ongoing charity drive with the donation of 40 tablets to the Seaview Gardens Primary School. This is part of the artiste’s ‘Each one, Teach one’ Initiative.

Bounty Killer said “I was raised half of my life in Seaview Gardens and I was here from this school was made… I have close relationships with my community. When it comes to giving back and charity, my community is always a first priority.”

Vice-Principal of the school, Keisha Heslop-Pessoa, expressed appreciation to the Bounty Foundation as she explained that this effort would go a long way in ameliorating the challenges of online learning.

Digicel, Bounty foundations donate groceries to Kingston residents | Loop  NewsShe said “We have about 60 per cent of students that are online because what we hear now from students is that we don’t have a device or we don’t have any data. So that is one of the problems. So now, since there are no face-to-face classes and it is purely online, we have to be reaching out to students.”

Encouraging more donations

Moreover, Bounty Killer is encouraging more donations to be made even after the pandemic. He explained that many times persons migrate and forget their communities. Thus, he is encouraging successful persons who are from the ghetto to remember the struggle and do projects to help their communities.

Bounty Killer Donates COVID-19 Care Packages To Community – DancehallMagFurthermore, he underscored the necessity of also providing support to local entertainers who may be struggling in the pandemic. He rebuffed critics who argue that the recent support announced by the Government for the entertainment industry is a misplaced priority.

Bounty Killer told THE WEEKEND STAR “Why would entertainers not need support? Everybody needs support. Everybody knows what the pandemic does. It hurts everybody’s income and well-being. You have entertainers with status that may not need it but what about the smaller ones who may not have a hit song as yet? There are some who need assistance and some who don’t. But there are people who I know that need assistance.”

Source: Bounty Foundation donates tablets to Seaview Gardens Primary School | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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