Kranium Thinks Fans Of Artist Creates Dancehall Beefs, Then Artist Egos Take Over

Kranium rides the wave of 'Nobody Has To Know' | Entertainment | Jamaica  GleanerDancehall artiste Kranium has gone and said what we know a lot of you were thinking regarding the manufactured beef apparent in the dancehall industry lately.

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Kranium, who has always been vocal on different issues, tweeted that fans are to be blamed for creating rivalry between artistes which is then further inflamed by the artiste’s fragile ego.

“90% beef in this industry is created by fans but most artiste Mek them ego dash gas on it.”

Kranium Bags Gold In Canada For 'Can't Believe' – DancehallMagBut he claims he won’t be a part of that, and encourages fellow artistes to be more discerning.

“That’s why I take the good with the bad. Until a man tek it pass music .. be human yes but be a sensible one !” he added.

Source: Kranium blames fans for creating dancehall beefs | Buzz

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