Beenie Man’s Romantic Relationships Were None Of Her Concern. D’Angel Defends Her ‘Single Mother’ Statements

Dancehall Fans Trolls D'Angel After Claiming She's The Baddest On Stage -  Urban IslandzSome of y’all had a lot to say about dancehall artiste D’Angel video detailing her struggles as a single mom. And she heard y’all loud and clear.

The video which began circulating on social media on Tuesday (January 18) saw the self-proclaimed “Lady of the Dancehall” describing her struggles as a single parent. She shares a 14-year-old son with dancehall artiste Beenie Man, who, at least from what is presented on social media seems to be active in his son’s life.

But in her venting session, D’Angel led us to believe otherwise.

“Mi a tell yuh seh as a single parent, nothing nuh normal bout it. A long time mi a hold it. Dem man ya nuh ready, dem not even know how a pants or a shirt or a shoes or a socks buy muchless school fee pay,” she said.

D'Angel Turns To Gospel With "Give Thanks" - Urban IslandzBut many took issue with the timing of the video. It began circulating just a day after Beenie Man announced his split from politician girlfriend, Krystal Tomlinson. And many were of the view that D’Angel was just trying to steal some of the spotlight for herself.

When D’Angel caught wind of this, she was livid. And made it known what she thought of those accusations in an expletive-laced video.

” Mi just get fi understand seh my name deh all over social media and every bl**dcl**t blogger have my name a seh mi a try dip up inna tings and mi a try get involved inna tings weh mi nuh know bout,” she said.

“Mi come out and mi talk my truth bout me and my single mother bl**dcl**t self. Suh mi neva did fi talk it? Mi been a talk my truth, and talk my truth weeks now and put out my video and uno a twist mi video now and a seh how mi a try fi get involved inna people ting and it nuh look good. Uno move uno bl**dcl**t and gweh.”

Krystal Tomlinson Shuts Down Rumors, Says She Is Good With Beenie Man's  Ex-Wife D'Angel – DancehallMagD’Angel pointed out that the state of Beenie Man’s romantic relationships were none of her concern.

“Mi nuh response fi nobody and dem relationship or dem relationboat or wah di bl**dcl**t was happening.”

And hinted that there is more than what meets the eye.

“Mi a stand up as a mother, and as a single mother to. Mi neva even talk nothing, supposed mi did fi talk?”

Source: “Mi a talk my truth”: D’Angel defends her ‘single mother’ statements | Buzz

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