According To Foota Hype, Macka Diamond Is Competing To ‘Show Who Loves God More’

Macka Diamond Gets Delieverd In Church & Claims Spice Use to Beg Her To  Bring "Hair" Frm Foreign 😶😶 - YouTubeSelf-proclaimed Viral King Foota Hype, says Macka Diamond’s claims of godly redemption is only a big exaggeration and an attempt to go viral, and that he cannot be fooled by her antics.

Speaking on his Suhvyva Godcast Live on YouTube last night, Foota said he is certain that Macka has been exaggerating her deliverance especially after seeing a video of her “talking in tongues” during a church service that took place on New Year’s Eve.

According to him, Macka’s dramatics were in fact a competition against Spice and Lady Saw to show the public that the Cucumber artiste was the most God-loving of the three.

“From wha day di whole a di female artiste dem a war fi seh who have di goodest heart and a who God love and who closer to God and who love obeah more.  Me, really an truly think Macka, she guh a church guh hol a vibes caw inna di new year dem seh guh a church.   But mi feel like seh Macka guh extra now becaw Lady Saw go extra wid dis gospel ting and becaw dem seh Spice wuk obeah and Spice nuh good, she jus a show seh God call har an nuh call Spice,” Foota reasoned.

Macka Diamond News – DancehallMag“Suh mi believe shi kinda extra it up enuh.   Suh Macka, yuh like God and everything, but all a da extraniss deh, an a talk inna tongues, I don’t buy it; I don’t believe it.  You a extra it up Macka; yuh put on a show.  Caw Memba Macka nuh ramp enuh.   Macka believe inna goin viral enuh,” he told his viewers.

Foota said that when he saw the video of Macka talking in tongues, he immediately knew it was for theatrics.

“Suh when mi watch di video an si how Macka a gwaan, I was like seriously?  Macka, me yuh waan frighten?  Foota Hype yuh waan frighten?  Macka you couldn’t trick me.  Yuh coulda neva trick me. ,” Foota mocked.

Crucifixion Scene Photos

Meanwhile, two crucifixion scene photographs from Macka’s 2014 Wicked Heart music video have made her again the subject of contention, as some of her Instagram followers who are seeing the image for the first time, erroneously believe it is a new music video promotional stunt.

Many of the followers seem unaware of the pre-existing six-year-old video and instead rained condemnation down on the artiste, claiming her actions were blasphemous. They also claimed that the photographs which she posted on her IG page, are an indication that her recent must highly-publicised ‘deliverance’ was phony.

The images which Macka Diamond posted on her IG page on Tuesday show the Money O artiste tied to a cross, mirroring the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.   She captioned it using some of the lyrics from the Wicked Heart song noting:

MACKA DIAMOND PRAYED FOR AT CHURCH - YouTube“Dem no stop crucify me jus like Jesus dem a #wickedheart but a prayers me use and #setmefree,” she wrote.

When Macka released the Wicked Heart video in 2014, it resulted in an uproar and accusations that she had committed blasphemy and crossed the line of artistic expression.

However the Dye Dye singer had repudiated the claims, and in her defense had said the picture and its meaning were taken out of context.

She told Irie FM radio at the time in an interview that although the crucifix was used at the time the video was conceptualized, she was not even thinking about projecting herself as Christ being martyred and argued that was “not as deep as everybody is thinking”.

Instead, she said, the scene was only done as a means of representing the recent criticisms fired her way, particularly following her controversial lyrical clash with Lady Saw at Sting months before.

“This is just art, nothing to get all worked up about. I am not trying to say I am like Jesus Christ, or anything like that. Crucifixion was a popular way for the Roman Empire to get rid of their enemies.  The other day, mi see dem kill Spartacus pon a cross. I believe in God and would never do anything blasphemous. look how God has blessed me, why would I want to anger Him?” she also said in a statement, excerpts of which were published in The Star tabloid at the time.

Source: Macka Diamond Competing With Lady Saw & Spice To ‘Show Who Loves God More’, Says Foota Hype – DancehallMag

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