Jah Cure Released Another Sensational Song “Stop The Rain”

Reggae Star Jah Cure Exposed Kicking Groupies Out His House & Demanding  Money Back - Urban IslandzJah Cure has released another sensational song, the new track, “stop the rain” is produced by Studio Vibes and Natural Bond Entertainment.

The new love song from Jah Cure comes as an inviting one to the ladies when the rain is falling.

The lyrics and style of the song carry a reggae swing delivered in a very melodious style, as expected from the “True reflections” artiste.

The song carries two choruses and two verses. In the first verse, the singer voiced his opinion, letting the female know that they have passed the introductory stage of the relationship then proceeded to make plans for a date.

In the chorus of the song Jah Cure, sings about the rain that won’t stop and this is causing him to want his girl more.

He then skillfully proceeded to the second verse of the song does a retake of the famous Ronny Thwaite line entitled “Mr Luxury”, where he stated, ” The wickedest time a when the rain start fall”.

In his version, the singer included, Dm’s and Whatsapp call, instead of Telegram as it was said back in the days.

Then “The Cure”, spoke about the zone that he wanted to be in with the female he was singing about.

Reggae Star Jah Cure Entangled In Leaked Video Scandal. | British LinkzA lot of fans might have been disappointed that Jah Cure did not sing about the allegations recently laid against him, however, there were a lot of his supporters who were giving him love in the comments, some even claiming him as the best reggae artiste ever.

One fan commented “No body can stop Jah Cure d golden voice” while another said, “Jah Cure simply he best reggae artist of this generation. Hits after hits me say.”.

Listen the soulful song below.

Source: Jah Cure Being Hailed By Fans as Best Reggae Singer Alive “Stop the rain”

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