Tanya Stephens To Help Build Home For Single Mother 

Reggae Star Tanya Stephens Opens Up About Being Raped & Abused – o-access  JAMAICAFood For The Poor (FFTP) is continuing its ‘Tan Ah Yuh Yard’ campaign, with part of its mission to provide homes for families, and today, reggae-dancehall entertainer Tanya Stephens will be joining the latest project to construct a home for a single mother of five.

Speaking to THE STAR, Stephens said “I want to be the person I wish I had in my life many moons ago when I needed somebody.” Evadney Johnson of Greenock, Clarendon, is the FFTP campaign’s Women’s Month recipient. Four of her children are presently living with relatives across three different parishes, as she is unable to provide proper shelter and support for them.

Tanya Stephens defends Ishawna on Miss Lou rant - Caribbean News“I, Tanya Stephens, I am very grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Food For The Poor in providing housing for somebody who was in the position I was in at many points in my life,” she said. “I am doing this not for publicity, not for promotion … I have no products selling. I am just grateful for the opportunity to be there and to be of use. That’s why I am on board.”


Stephens added that she was ready to get her hands dirty and made it clear that she would not be on site for pictures, aesthetics or posturing.

“I am coming to work. I do DIY woodwork and I am coming with my tools, and I am ready for work. I am also bringing my friend Shelly from Tie Di Knot [Weddings and Events] with me because when I told her I was doing it she was like, ‘yuh nah lef me goodie, me ah bring me drill’. So we ah come and we ah roll up we sleeve and we ah work,” she said.

Tanya Stephens - Jamaicansmusic.comMarsha Burrell-Rose, development and marketing manager at FFTP, said Stephens’ help comes at the right time.

“Food For The Poor values partnership, so with Tanya Stephens comings on board to join us for the fifth construction with BOOM Energy Drink, it is a real blessing and we sincerely welcome her help because there are persons out there who really need it,” she told THE STAR. “We can achieve so much more when we come together and so we thank our sponsor and all their partners for supporting and uplifting our less fortunate brothers and sisters.”

Source: Tanya Stephens to help build home for single mother – Artiste joins Food For The Poor in giving back | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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