Gutty Bling Feels That Skillibeng ‘A Run Dancehall Inna Jamaica In 2021’

In January, producer Gutty Bling of Claims Records predicted that St Thomas artiste Skillibeng would dominate 2020, denouncing the one-hit wonder label many had already begun to attach to him.

His prophecy doesn’t seem that strange now as Skillibeng has been named as one of the top dancehall acts of the year by YouTube. Skillibeng is number five on the top 20 list, behind only Vybz Kartel, Alkaline, Chronic Law and Intence. But Skillibeng outshone acts such as Popcaan, Tommy Lee Sparta, Squash and Teejay, raking in close to 41 million streams for the past 12 months. Gutty Bling recalls that when he made his prediction, “nuff people did a laugh”.


“But at the end of the day, we knew it would happen and it has come to pass,” he said. “It is a joy and blessing fi see the yute success nah lie. Claims Records is a place weh always know talent from we hear it. Him a di youngest and the baddest right now and nobody can’t take dat from him. A him a run dancehall inna Jamaica.”

Skillibeng has five tracks on the top 20 songs of the year list on YouTube. Torpedo came in at number 10 garnering 4.48 million views, Mr Universe (13th) with 4.22 million views, Crocodile Teeth (16th) with 3.57 million views, while Shake Remix and his break-out hit, Brik Pon Brik, came in at 18th and 19th, respectively, with 3.42 million views each. Gutty Bling said Skillibeng’s success is testament to his hard work.

Dancehall Artiste Skillibeng Signs To Sony/ATV Music Publishing UK – Radio  Dubplate“This was a year where no show never keep and no party never gwaan and him still manage fi get the numbers weh him get so dat alone tell yuh say di man a work. Imagine if we did deh a road and more promotion did gwaan and him did all a get fi perform. The thing woulda be even better,” he said. He quickly pointed out that despite the early success, Skillibeng is not focused on staking any claims to the dancehall throne.

“The artiste just a put out some great music fi him fans dem and a stay relevant. Him nah run down nuh title or a run nuh competition, a just great music a di focus,” he said.

Dancehall Artiste Skillibeng Signs To Sony/ATV Music Publishing UK –  DancehallMagGutty Bling said the next goal for the artiste is to go international now that they have become a force locally.

Source: Skillibeng ‘a run dancehall inna Jamaica’ – producer – Artiste among genre’s top five on YouTube top list | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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