Popcaan Defends Dissing Jah Vinci & Confronts NotNice In Lengthy Instagram Video

Beyond the Return: Jamaican superstar Popcaan shows off his newly ...The saga has continued after an interesting unfolding of events took place last week.

Just to recap, the truly unruly Popcaan went on a live chat hosted by popular dancehall producer NotNice and threw out startling disses towards his one time friend and colleague, Jah Vinci. He reportedly referred to the If They Know singer as a “fish tea bwoy” and insultingly accused him of only having one clash worthy track.

It was uncertain to everyone at the time, including NotNice, where these nasty comments of Popcaan came from. In a another IG live recording some time after, the producer who has worked tirelessly on music for both deejays said, “Him (Popcaan) forward pon di live a come diss Jah Vinci. Mi nu see di sense a it, yuh zimi. Maybe a man just waah be seen and seek some attention and nu know how fi dweet”.

In clear siding with Jah Vinci he further added, “Popcaan ah p$$y! Tell him seh mi say dat, screen record dis. Tell Popcaan seh mi say him a p$$y, yeah… suh nu ask mi again.”

Well, these bold words didn’t go unnoticed and as such has sparked a lengthy ‘clearing of the air’ response from the Unruly Boss. In a personal live session this morning (11.4.20), not only did he confront NotNice but also explained why he dissed Jah Vinci.

Unruly Fest: A 'Christmas gift' for vendors | BuzzStraight from the horse’s mouth and first addressing Jah Vinci, the story goes — Jah Vinci is an ungrateful lair, who after Popcaan have helped several times to advance his career have never given Poppy any credit much less thanked him.

The first incident Popcaan recalled, occurred when he saw Jah Vinci in the gym, who at the time divulged that he wasn’t making any music. So being the Good Samaritan that he is, Poppy invited Jah Vinci to voice a tune titled Steamy, which he had already written. Poppy said he provided the lyrics and instructed him to sing the lines, not really leaving much creative effort on Jah Vinci’s behalf.

The song was a success and as such prompted questions of its conception during an interview, where Jah Vinci conceitedly took all the credit for his section of the collaboration.

Jah Vinci, today indirectly adddressed Popcaan’s assertions by coyly posting a photo of himself on Instagram saying, “New music on the way guys!!! oh and a me write them”.

Then in a second incident, Popcaan said Jah Vinci reached out to him in another act of destitution, asking to appear on one of his shows abroad. Since all the acts for the show were already signed and booked, he would’ve had to personally foot the bill for Jah Vinci’s inclusion in the production. Again being the kind-hearted guy that he is, Popcaan called his manger instructing her to book an airline and hotel ticket for Jah Vinci with what he said was “my money”.

Jah Vinci came back to Jamaica after the stage show and dragged Popcaan’s name through the mud, telling all who would listen that he wasn’t compensated for his performance. Well that was the last straw for the very disturbed Family deejay and so he thought it fit to go on NotNice’s Instagram live last week to trash talk Jah Vinci.

Popcaan DISS Notnice On IG Live, Says Vybz Kartel Always Got His RESPECTPopcaan’s lengthy live recording then went on to address NotNice’s diss towards him. He called out the producer similarly, detailing some of their past experiences and journeys, also highlighting the good influence that he has been to him. He did however mention that while NotNice may have grounds to show him shade, a diss of that magnitude was not warranted.

The basis of those grounds, he expressed occurred during in an incident the two had concerning a show (which Poppy said he paid for) in England. The proceeds of the event apparently didn’t extend to NotNice, leaving the then disc jockey unpaid. Popcaan explained that the circumstances under which the show was financed wouldn’t have provided a salary for him.

Poppy expressed being upset with NotNice for not discussing this with him, but did so with others, which ultimately led to him finding out. In all, he sent a message to the producer, saying money isn’t everything and it wasn’t worth losing a friend.

Source: Popcaan Defends Dissing Jah Vinci & Confronts NotNice In Lengthy Instagram Video – DancehallMag

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