Dancehall Queen Spice Releases “Frenz” And It Reaches Number 1 On Itunes

SPICE - FRENZ Song Review (Honest Review) - YouTubeDancehall Queen Spice, Is celebrating the success of her brand new single entitled “Frenz”, and she did so by taking the good vibes to Instagram and making a big announcement that got fans in a frenzy.

In the post the very happy entertainer could be seen in her kitchen space, playing the track produced by Supa Dups and Stephen “Di Genius” Mcgregor, and wearing one of her Graci Noir outfits dancing and singing while letting fans know that the song has been given the number 1 spot on iTunes.

This is certainly a positive look for Spice, as she recently got caught amidst controversy with RT Boss her alleged reader man who exposed private information about her life, leading to a line of commotion eventually ending in a dispute between her and the dancers she used to work with.

Some of the dancers previously stated that they were underpaid by the entertainer, who took the comments to heart and went to the extent of bringing receipts on an Instagram live stream to disprove the lies.

The song speaks to the wise words of her mother, telling her to be aware of friends, and many will assume that the track was done about the current events in the “so mi like it” artiste’s life.

Spice even showed balloons that her boyfriend bought her, in recognition of her great achievement.

The song is also performing well on YouTube and, has already amassed over 300,000 views on YouTube and is one of the top 5 trending songs on the island.

Listen the song below.

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